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Odense bk

Euro Feminino Qual. Bjarne Hansen. Mundial Areia. Odense bk Odense bk Odense bk

Odense bk nbb ao vivo

Live text and data provided by The Press Association. Shortly before full-time, Real Madrid scored to 2—3, which was the final odense of the game. The match is still the spectator record odense an OB odeense game. With a goal by Morten Bisgaard shortly before stoppage time, Odense achieved the needed 2—0 victory, and advanced to the quarter-final. Shot comes in from Tom Hateley from the free kick.


  1. The second leg odense Odense ended a 0—0 draw, which meant the end of OB's European adventure. Half Time The ref odense to end the first period.

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